Action Item: Please Call or Email These Contractors!


PP3Saints of God, we ask that you pray and take action regarding an urgent matter as well as take action! We were made aware of the upcoming construction of a new Planned Parenthood/mega-killing center in New Orleans scheduled for this year. We thank God for the many architects and contractors who took a stand for life and refused to be a part of this project; however, a general contractor and architect have been selected.

Faithful pro-life warriors for Christ, Brother Rusty, Dale Sochia and Bill Shanks were able to speak to the contractors at the construction site and plead the cause of Christ and His precious unborn babies – to no apparent avail. They have asked that we begin calling, writing and emailing the contractors to voice our opposition to their participation in building this structure where the lives of many little babies will be taken. Their contact information is below. Please be fervently praying against the building of this evil place and please make your voice heard to those who are complicit by building it.



John C. Williams
824 Baronne St.
New Orleans, LA 70113
Phone number: 504-566-0888


BMI (Barre McNeely Investments)
4925 Jefferson Highway
Jefferson, LA 70121
Phone: 504-324-9140
Fax: 504-272-2915

This company is registered to the following: Larry McNeely, Michael McNeely and Kevin Barre.

Thank you for standing for Life, in contacting these companies. Please be respectful and Christ-like in all your communications. For more information, feel free to contact the Louisiana Coalition for Life.

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