Cities4Life Interview With Director of Alison’s Choice, A New Pro-Life Film


bruceThe abortion debate continues to escalate in our national news and more people are becoming aware of the truth about abortion. With this increased discussion, there are more and more opportunities becoming available to educate the public on the truth about abortion and the sanctity of life. I recently had the opportunity to interview, writer and director of a new film, Alison’s Choice, Bruce Marchiano or Marchiano Ministries. Bruce is most popularly known for his portrayals of Jesus Christ in the Visual Bible film series. Bruce is working on a new film project which¬†deals with the reality of abortion and how God cares for the unborn and their mothers.

Though he has always been pro-life, in his prayer life, Bruce felt the Lord nudging him to do something about it. While he was busy doing ministry and work in South Africa, Bruce got hooked up with a pro-life ministry there. He also met a producer who approached him about movie ideas. For ten years, Bruce had the idea of writing a film about Jesus coming to a woman who was contemplating abortion. Bruce wrote up a script centered on this idea that he had been pondering for ten years. As with what happens often in the film industry, the movie producer got busy so here Bruce was with this great idea to share the message of life but no producer.

I asked Bruce about the plot of the movie and he shared that it is the story of a young woman, Alison, who finds herself in an unplanned pregnancy and thinks that abortion is her only answer The scene of the movie takes place in a waiting room in an abortion clinic. As Alison is waiting for her name to be called to go back to have her “procedure” done, she meets a janitor. However, this man turns out to be no mere janitor. It is Christ Himself Who has come to share with Alison how much she is loved and how much her unborn baby is loved. As He races against the clock, He shares with her about her future and pours out His love on her. This film is all about a real life encounter with Jesus interceding for this precious unborn life.

As far as filming, Bruce is in the pre-production stage. He is currently in the process of hiring cast and crew members, doing casting calls and reviewing lists of actors for posible roles. Filming is set to start October 30th of this year. When I asked Bruce what his heart was in making this film, he said that he desired above all for people to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ and that women in crisis pregnancies would come to see God’s love for them and how abortion is not the answer. He feels that oftentimes in the fight for life, people leave out the heart of God but he desires to bring the heart of God to the heart of this issue of abortion. He would love for this to be a tool that sidewalk counselors could distribute at abortion clinics to women contemplating abortion as well as at pregnancy care centers. His heart is for this to be a tool for all of those who deal with this issue of abortion face-to-face with people affected.

Bruce does need our help to get the film off the ground. As the body of Christ, if we all could pitch in a small financial gift, that would ensure that production moves forward. He sees this film as a ministry with eternal impact and if we can spread the word, it will raise awareness and supporters so that this film can become a reality and save and change lives. You can find out more and give to support this worth cause by visiting the Alison’s Choice website here. You can also contact our Outreach Coordinator, Lisa Metzger, at with ideas on how to promote Alison’s Choice. Above all, let’s be in prayer for Bruce and for all the pro-life activists, who God is rising up to share the message of Life and the Gospel in a number of different avenues!

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