The Beauty of Mentorship: A Testimony


mentorshipWe shared with our followers and supporters in a previous post about the need to have mentors come alongside our sidewalk counselors to be there in practical ways for our saves. Here is an example of how God used mentorship in the loves of one of our saves. To God be the glory for this beautiful testimony shared with us by Cities4Life sidewalk counselor, Vicky Kaseorg:

Praise God for allowing me a front row seat to a miracle. First, I had the privilege of counseling a woman with a troubled background and difficult past on the sidewalks of an abortion mill several months ago. Then, she chose life, not knowing how she would manage but wanting to obey the tiny voice of her conscience speaking to her. She was a new believer in Christ, and as a result, had to leave all her old friends who were dragging her back into a dangerous and terrible lifestyle. A single mom of three, already struggling to make a better life for her family, she felt utterly alone. I was her only friend.

Cities4Life stepped in and offered mentorship and support, as well as a lavish baby shower (through Truth and Mercy Ministries) that would provide all the needs for the new baby for the first 24 months of his life. The young mother went through many difficult periods over the next few months. I was in fairly continual contact with her, but since I live over an hour from her, I could not be a physical support. She was struggling, beaten-down, though determined to follow God and be better than what she had been for her children’s sake. However, she often felt completely alone. She had no friends, and her family was not supportive. She would text me frequently on those long, lonely nights, and we would talk about God and his faithfulness. We explored His Word together. She didn’t feel His presence at times, but she trusted He was there. Christian friends and supporters of Cities4Life responded to every need I put out to them, and helped this mom through many crises. Slowly, I think she began to believe that there are people who love God…and each other.

She could not find a church in her area where she did not feel judged, or looked down upon. She didn’t look very hard, so wounded from her past. She knew her past was terrible, but she also knew that God had forgiven her. I found a church in her area through an internet search, and called the church. An associate pastor answered the phone. I explained the situation and said this woman needed not only a wonderful supportive church, but also, a sincere and godly friend and mentor. He told me he knew just the person and he would meet me after the special baby shower that we had planned for this woman this past Saturday. Since I would be in her town for the shower anyway, I told her I thought I had a church where she might find what she was looking for. She agreed to let me bring her there.

First, Sheryl, of Truth and Mercies Ministries filled my van and her own with baby shower gifts which we then stuffed into my friend’s living room. We all had lunch (provided by TMM) as well and Sheryl shared the Gospel and the protection of God’s plan. She noted that we shower the mamas lavishly because God showers us so lavishly with His love. She has over 1,000 Christian supporters who provide the baby supplies for people they will never meet. Sheryl provides one or two of these showers every month!

So with the display of God’s love filling my friend’s living room, we said goodbye to Sheryl, and I drove my young friend and her three children to the church not too far from her home. Her three children were in ecstasy in the far back seat of my van.
“It’s so cool!!!!” they all cried.
“My car doesn’t have AC,” the mama explained.
“Well then! How’s this kids?” I put the AC fan on full force in the back of my van.
“Hooray!!!!” yelled the kids. You would think they were on a Disneyland ride for the joy they expressed.

The pastor met us at the church. He gave her not only information about this wonderful church, but a packet filled with resources for food, clothes, counseling, and support. And that was not even the best thing he offered. He brought her a friend. This young woman, Christina, had a similar difficult upbringing and past. The pastor had thought of Christina instantly when I had called him the week before and told him that what my friend needed most was a godly friend and mentor.

“I may look good now,” Christina said, upon meeting us, “but what you see now is not what I have always been.” Through the grace of God, this woman had transformed her life. She now extended unconditional love and acceptance, and most importantly, understanding, to my friend. She had brought two of her children, who played with my friend’s three children on the church playground while the pastor showed us the church.

I watched in awe as his healing, gentle words bathed my friend’s soul. Christina, meanwhile, shared a little of her own story, and I saw my friend’s strained expression relax. It was all going to be OK. As we collected the children from the playground, they told us that they had found wonderful friendships already with each other. Christina invited my friend to dinner that very evening.

“I would love to come,” said my friend, “But maybe next month. I don’t have money for gas right now.”
“Yes you do,” I said, handing her $20, “I forgot to give you this. It is part of the baby shower.” (No way was I going to let the lack of a full gas tank ruin this miracle.)
“Can we go!?” cried her children.
She looked at Christina.
“If you can, I’d love to have you,” she offered, “But I’m warning you. The kids will all be kicked outside to play in the backyard.”
My friend has no yard, and no safe place for her children to play where she lives. They spend many hours in her neat, but small apartment. The children cheered, and my friend said that would be lovely.

Christina also promised to meet her in the morning at the wonderful church. As I drove the little family back to their house, her 11-year-old son told me, “Miss Vicky, thank you so much for all of these wonderful baby things so my mother won’t be worried anymore. And thank you for bringing us to the church to meet that family.”

What a privilege, I thought after hugging them all goodbye, and heading back for my long drive home. What a privilege to see Christ’s love made manifest, and the balm of healing cover His people. I am so blessed to have had a front row seat on this miracle.

Cities4Life is seeking people who desire to join me and other counselors in the privilege of helping to change lives through the love of Christ through mentorship and discipleship. If interested in volunteering, please contact Lisa Metzger at or go to


Surely God is my salvation; I will trust and not be afraid. The Lord , the Lord himself, is my strength and my defense ; he has become my salvation.”
Isaiah 12:2 NIV

The whole law is summed up in a single commandment, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” Galatians 5:14

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