Children in Sidewalk Ministry?!? YES!!!


10551492_10152551931051413_4867509698905634072_oMany times, as sidewalk counselors, we hear the objection that we should not have our children exposed to such intense spiritual warfare that we face at the abortion centers. Many of us have been put in a position to defend our choice to bring our children to be witnesses of Life to our family and friends. God continues to show Himself strong in how He uses the little ones in powerful ways and ministers through them. One such testimony from last week at one of our abortion centers in Charlotte recounted by sidewalk counselor, Danielle:

This morning I think I was prouder than I ever have been of my 10-year-old daughter! This is a picture of her with her first “save,” a lady who turned out to be pregnant with TWINS!

As I was counseling another lady on the RV and we were viewing her ultrasound, I suddenly felt an overwhelming need to leave and check on my kids, who only had one other adult counselor with them (a first-timer). I excused myself, got off the RV, and walked toward the mill entrance. There I saw my sweet Elleina leaning in the window of a car and speaking with a lady! What a precious gift from the Lord to have the opportunity to see this sight! “A” was moved seeing a child begging for the life of her baby (babies, as we found out) and so grateful for Elleina that she welcomed her on the RV as we counseled. With tears, she said, “I can’t believe I was almost going to get rid of them!” Thank you, Jesus. This was a day I will not soon forget!

The Lord used a brave 10-year old (pictured above with the proud mama) to save not only one but TWO lives!!! She stepped out in faith to approach that vehicle and God softened hearts as a result. Our children are watching us as we make the sacrifice to stand up for the precious littler ones and it is so precious to see God draw their precious little hearts to action. If you have ever thought that bringing your children to an abortion center would be a detriment to them, I assure that we are seeing quite the opposite. Young people are rising to the occasion and using their gifts for the glory of God to intercede and to save God’s precious innocents. Nicole, a mother of six and brand new sidewalk counselor, shared her story recently of how God is moving in the hearts of her children through being introduced to sidewalk counseling. Her story sums up the beautiful testimony of children and families ministering together in this vital ministry to save lives:

You’d think I’d have learned by now that when I’m convicted of something but still say “I’ll never”, “I can’t”, or even “I don’t think I would”, the Lord’s response will be, “Really?”

This morning all of the children and I went and stood on the sidewalk in the rain in front of the largest abortion mill in Charlotte. We prayed, we cried, we pleaded with mothers to come get real help and counseling as they entered the mill.

We toured the RV where free ultrasounds are offered. We witnessed two “saves”, lives spared from the torture that was going on inside the building before us. We heard the gospel proclaimed boldly. It was powerful. Important. They don’t call it “the gates of hell” without cause. Last night I had the chance to sit and talk with a mother who chose life for her child just last week. I sat across from her with her belly full of life that would otherwise now be dead had there not been people standing out right where we were this morning when she came there feeling she had no other option. Last Saturday, I visited the mill with just Jaden and Jacob after taking an introductory class through Cities4Life.

It was intense.

As we were leaving I asked the children where their hearts were; was this just too much? The week before we had discussed a quote about Christian ministry by C. T. Studd which reads, “Some wish to live within the sound of Church or Chapel bell; I want to run a Rescue Shop within a yard of hell.” When I posed my question to the kids in the car, Jaden’s immediate response was, “Mom, I want to run a rescue shop.” All of this after no less than a month ago I told a couple of close friends, “I’m going to find out more about this pro-life ministry but I don’t know if being on the sidewalk is for me, I definitely don’t think so for my kids.” As a family, may we always be willing to follow the Lord, trusting in His provision, in His strength, in His faithfulness, in His protection, even when He leads us to places we would “never” go on our own.

The Kingdom of God advances through families on a mission. While the very presence of family at an abortion mill speaks life to a woman who is considering abortion, the mission field in front of an abortion mill is also the perfect training ground for the next generation.

In the homes where the culture is being engaged through active Gospel-centered ministry, Scripture is found to be being lived out harmoniously. These parents on this domestic mission field allow their children to live out Matthew 5:13-16, being salt and light to a dying world, while the parents obey the command given to them in Deuteronomy 6:6-9, perpetually instructing our children of the ways of God. They are engaging this culture as FAMILIES ON A MISSION! Are you a FAMILY ON A MISSION? If you are interested in learning how to involve your children in sidewalk ministry with Cities4Life or how to integrate family ministry into your homeschool studies, contact our outreach coordinator, Lisa, at She homeschools her 10 children and takes them out to minister weekly with Cities4Life. She’d love to tell you how to get started!

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