Brandon and Jocelyn Acuff

Directors/Evangelism Team Lead

Cities4Life Lexington Leadership TeamBrandon and Jocelyn began this journey only in mid 2012 at their city’s only abortion mill. After reading testimonies online of counselors and their one-on-one experiences in front of abortion mills, they could not continue ignoring Gods call to action. They quickly put together a group of 20+ Christ followers who were willing to sacrifice time and convenience to share the gospel in front of the EMW abortion mill. The ministry has continued to grow and recently merged with Cities4Life™ to continue that growth in facilitating Christian men, women and families to step out in obedience at one of America’s most neglected mission fields.

WHY Cities4Life

“For what shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?” – Matthew 8:36

We joined the Cities4Life Lexington leadership team because everything we do as sidewalk counselors is to share the ONLY life saving truth, the gospel of Jesus Christ.



Brandon and Jocelyn Acuff graduated from the University of Kentucky

Brandon works as a retail manager

Jocelyn is a homemaker and wife


Colleene Barnett

Life Network Team Lead


Dana Boardman

Sidewalks4Life Team Lead


William and Taria Brown

Relationship Team Leads

Cities4Life Lexington Leadership teamWilliam and Taria were married in April 2003. Before getting married however, both had a strong desire to be actively involved in the pro-life movement. At the very beginning of our marriage, they made a commitment to each other, that as a family, somehow, someway, they would accomplish this. Early on, their only involvement was going to Right to Life dinners and Lexington’s yearly Right to Life walk. These times were educational, but left them thinking more needed to be done.

In early 2009, William and Taria, along with another friend, coordinated a “Celebrate Life Walk/Rally”. Their desire was to bring awareness and also raise financial support for ministries that were actively engaged in this war. Again, this was an educational time, which allowed them to make some connections, but they were left with this feeling of needing to do something more. Afterwards, they began to establish a Gospel-centered CPC, which quickly fell apart because of lack of support and the overwhelming support for Lexington’s only CPC. Over the next couple of years, the Lord drew them to doing research, such as reading blogs of those who are ministering directly on the frontlines.

They began to “follow” several prolife missionaries on Facebook. Though they never thought it to be possible, their desire was to somehow, someway make it to the front lines. After a long season of wrestling on how their family may be more involved, Taria created The Love Bag Ministry in the fall of 2012. Shortly after, by the Lord’s design, they were able to make it to the frontlines!

William and Taria have six children: Madison, Makaila, Joshuah, McKenzie, Aletheia, and Isabella.

WHY Cities4Life

Cities4Life embodied the vision that my wife and I had from the very beginning of our marriage. The Browns joined the Cities4Life Lexington leadership team because they were looking for the opportunity to stand on the foundation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the purposefulness of ministering to the women directly with physical, spiritual and tangible help. We are excited to be here and to serve in any way we can.

William works as an Electrician
Taria is a devoted wife and mother who trains our children actively at home


Shannon Dunn

Relationship Team Lead


Rachel Miller

Sidewalks4Life Team Lead