Life Network Spotlight: Tiny Hands Ministries


tiny hands ministriesCities4Life is blessed to partner with a number of different ministries and organizations as we share the message of the Gospel and Life in our city. Our Life Network has grown and expanded and we love to spotlight these ministries to share how they are helping us in this fight for life. We have been partnering with Tiny Hands Ministry for years and have benefited greatly from the work that President Leeanne Stevenson, founder of this wonderful ministry, and staff are doing to save lives!

Leanne is the President of Tiny Hands Ministries, Inc. who’s mission is engaging in activities that save the physical lives of the unborn and the spiritual lives of mothers facing crisis pregnancies. Leeanne, being a post-abortive mother, wanted to help women who found themselves in crisis pregnancies just as she had faced many years ago. A few years ago, God put it in Leeanne’s heart to write a book but this was no ordinary book. This book was to serve two purposes: to serve as a gift book for women celebrating pregnancy, and as a booklet for women facing crisis pregnancies. This vision from God developed into the Tiny Hands That Hold My Heart booklet.

Inside the pages of the book, there is a brief description of the unborn baby’s development each month. It is filled with breathtaking photography that shows what a miraculous creation these little ones truly are, and how quickly s/he grows and changes. There is also specific and relevant scripture that correlates to how your baby is developing.

Tiny Hands that Hold My Heart softcover crisis pregnancy booklets are a very effective tool in the pro-life movement. They have been used by sidewalk counselor, crisis pregnancy center workers, others active in pro-life ministry. We know that God has a plan for each and every life and this book so beautifully demonstrates the awe and wonder of the miracle of life.

Tiny Hands That Hold My Heart booklet has been such a wonderful resource to our Cities4Life sidewalk counselors as they minister outside local abortion clinics. There is story after story of mamas changing their minds and choosing life after seeing the images that portray little ones like the ones they are carrying and read the powerful scriptures. To find out more about Tiny Hands Ministries and all the wonderful works that they are doing, you can click here. You can also order copies of Tiny Hands That Hold My Heart on the website. Keep Leeanne and this vital ministry in prayer as God continues to use this book and all the work that they are doing to save lives and for His glory!

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