US Supreme Courts Rules in Favor of Sidewalk Counselors



StoryLast week, there was a tremendous victory won on behalf of sidewalk counselors all across the nation. In an overwhelming 9-0 vote, The US Supreme Court struck down a Massachusetts law that mandates a 35 feet protective buffer zone around abortion centers that would prevent sidewalk counselors from engaging with those coming to get abortions.


The US Supreme Court deemed that standing on the sidewalks and speaking to people entering the abortion centers is an act of free speech protected by the First Amendment thus buffer zones are unconstitutional. As our Cities4Life sidewalk counselors know, the closer one is to the vicinity of the abortion center, the more interactions we are able to have with abortion-minded women encouraging them to choose life.


Had this ruling been upheld in favor of the Massachusetts abortion industry, this measure would likely have had devastating effects on sidewalk counseling efforts. This is a victory not only for pro-life sidewalk counselors but for anyone who values the First Amendment and Freedom of Speech. Most of all, it is a victory for the helpless little ones who we stand in the gap for day in and day out.


Even in the wake of this victory, we must be diligent to continue to pray for our country and for hearts and minds to be opened to the truth. As more and more babies are being saved, the pro-abortion community is doing all in its power to stop the message of Life and the Gospel from going forth. However, we will not stop in our mission of doing all that we can to stop the murder of innocent defenseless little ones who the Lord has commanded us to protect. You can read more about the Supreme Court ruling and its aftermath by clicking here. Let’s continue to pray for our nation- that we will see the end of abortion and a culture of life restored!


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